Directed by Bill Mason, 1969 (20 minutes)

Bill Mason’s short film focuses on his friend and fellow filmmaker, Blake James. In his never-ending quest for freedom, Blake pilots his own plane. This film is Mason’s view of his friend as a “hobo of the skies” but it is also an adventure that beckons the viewer to come along for the ride.


Directed by Stephen Low, 1988 (54 minutes)

The appealing story about Bob Diemart of Carman, Manitoba and his dream of building the world’s next great fighter plane. His worldwide reputation as a genius at restoring “warbirds” enables him to finance his dream. The Defender is a lively, sometimes wild and funny tale about a remarkable, modern day folk hero.


Directed by Brian Duchscherer, 1991 (9 minutes)

A small prairie town has few secrets but in Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Bill Gibson had one. Each night when most folks were home asleep, Bill was busy in his workshop. You see, Bill had a dream. He was building a flying machine. This charming puppet animation film tells his story.