Directed by Cranfield Cook, 1942 (20 minutes)

This film shows the various types of fighter and bomber aircraft and the stages of training through which the RCAF pilots and air crews had to pass before earning their wings.


Directed by Sydney Newman, 1944 (10 minutes)

Every night, Trans-Canada Airlines Flight 6 crosses Canada from Vancouver to Montreal with its load of blue and yellow air mail bags, playing an important role in Canadian life and business.  Interesting footage of a civilian use Lancaster.


Directed by Richard Gilbert, 1959 (30 minutes)

This is the story of the barnstormers and bush pilots who explored Canada’s vast hinterland, and of the heroes of World War II who flew the Bolingbrokes and the Ansons, the Mosquitoes and the Hurricanes. The great unmapped territories of the Canadian North and the impetus of war are reviewed in this film.


Directed by Jeffery Riddell, 2010 (19 minutes)

A retelling of the fate of Winnipegger Andrew Mynarski, gunner on a Lancaster bomber in World War II.  On his crew’s 13th mission, their plane was attacked over France, forcing the crew to bail out. Mynarksi attempted to save the tail gunner on the plane but did not survive the ordeal. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. This new documentary includes new footage filmed on the Mynarski Memorial Lancaster bomber while on its tour to cities across the west in 2009-2010.