Canada celebrated 100 years of powered flight in 2009. Over 100 aircraft participated in a commemorative flight across Canada. As Flight Steward for the Cross-Canada Century Flight, airline captain and aviation photographer Peter Lubig has created an extensive collection of aircraft photographs from this historic flight.  These photographs are on display at the Western Canada Aviation Museum until February 25, 2011.

There are 15,000 aircraft in Canada and over two thirds of them are light acircraft flown by private pilots.  They are weekend pilots or seasoned veterans who fly jetliners. Some are mechanics, farmers, doctors or lawyers – regardless of their backgrounds these pilots share a common love of flying their own airplanes.


The planes that flew in the Cross Canada Century Flight represent more than 50 different aircraft types and the vast majority of the aircraft fleet in Canada by model type.

This tribute to the first flight in Canada was initiated by John Lovelace in 2008. Peter Lubig was one of five Chief Flight Stewards in charge of co-planning the flight operation for the 100 planes and their crews from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. In the air, Peter captured images of the wide variety of aircraft that participated in the flight, often by hanging out of the open doorway of an aircraft to allow him a clear field of view.

Peter Lubig is an airline pilot flying CRJ regional jets of the 100, 200 and 705 series. Photography has been a passion for him for the past twenty years. “I started taking picture of aircraft that I was checked out on as a record for my logbook and it has grown into an amazing life adventure”.